Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt Hospital


Building Type

Domestic Service Installation, BMS, Building Work, Small Power, Data

12 Weeks

Case Study Overview

As a preferred contractor for The RJ & AH Hospital, Oswestry, SMS were asked to replace an end of life cold water storage tank (54,000 litres) within a 4 storey plant room.  The tank serviced the whole hospital site and work had to be carried out without disruption to the water supply as the hospital was operational.  


The existing tank was built sectionally and took up the entire 3rd floor. SMS had to safely drain and remove the existing tank using a winch and pulley system through the central core of a stairwell.


Before two new smaller tanks could be built in its place SMS had to form concrete bases to site the new tanks. These were constructed using timber shuttering with rebar and pumped concrete from ground level through a roof access hatch. This was no easy feat finding a concrete pumping vehicle with articulated boom that would reach to the top of the 3rd floor.


The new tanks were again built sectionally and lifted to the 3rd floor via the same winch and pulley system.


The new tanks had electronic temperature sensors and were linked to the Hospitals BMS network for monitoring.


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