Lloyds Pharmacy Chiller Replacement

Walsgrave Triangle, Coventry

Building Type
Two Storey Office Block

Replacement of Chillers and Chilled Water Pumps

12 Weeks

Case Study Overview

Staffordshire Mechanical Solutions Ltd were appointed as principal contractor to replace the chillers and chilled water pumps at the existing live and very busy Lloyds Pharmacy, Walsgrave Triangle, Coventry. The works involved removing two existing chillers, installing four new Daikin chillers and associated chilled water pipework, valves and sensors and the secondary pump sets. We upgraded and installed a BMS system which consisted of a new panel and integration into the site wide BMS network.

The electrical works involved a new electrical switch room, new MCCB distribution panels and modifications to the existing main switch board.

The pump change over works were completed over weekend periods as not to interrupt the operation of the staff.

Whilst the works were being carried out, a temporary chiller with associated pipework and electrical supplies was provided.

All works were closely coordinated with the client to prevent disruption.

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