DWP Leicester, Office Building

City Centre, Leicester

Building Type
Five Storey Office Building

LTHW – New Boiler, CT & VT Pump and Pressurisation Unit Replacement

7 Weeks

Case Study Overview


Staffordshire Mechanical Solutions Ltd were appointed to replace the existing heating plant, which was approaching the end of its life cycle, whilst the building was still occupied and required heating during the winter months.


The works involved a stage by stage isolation, drain down, removal and replacement of plant within restricted time scales (mostly weekends) in order to meet the client’s requirements.


The existing pressure jet cast iron boilers were replaced with 4 modular stainless steel boilers occupying half the space of the original install.   


As well as the replacement of 4 belt driven pumps for 2 twin head pumps for the variable and constant temperature circuits bringing the buildings plantroom fitout into the 21st century. 


In addition the existing BMS panel and its associated wiring was replaced with a new upgraded panel which incorporated the controls of all the newly installed plant as well as upgrades and amendments to the boiler and pump circuits.


The project was completed with minimal disruption to the building’s heating system and occupants as well as achieving hand over within the client’s programme.


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