Christchurch Primary School

Oldbury, Birmingham

Building Type
Single Storey Existing School Building

Gas Pipework, AHU Replacement, and Electrical Services

4 Weeks

Case Study Overview

Staffordshire Mechanical Solutions were employed to isolate and remove the existing gas main located on the roof feeding existing hot air gas heaters located throughout the school classrooms to enable new roof covering to be installed. Following this, the existing flues had to be changed to suit the new roof depth and the gas main re-installed to existing heaters and purged and tested.

The existing AHU had to be dismantled, isolated and removed to allow the new roof covering to be installed, then re-installed in existing position. The duct work was modified to suit the new height of the roof.

The existing electrical supplies that ran on tray work on the roof had to be removed along with existing brackets to allow the new roof covering to be installed. Following this, new brackets and tray were installed to refeed the existing supplies.

All works were undertaken in term time whilst the school was in full use so particular attention was made to restricting access for deliveries to site. Works were coordinated closely with the school when in the process of purging and commissioning the existing heaters to avoid any disruption to the daily activities of the school and pupils.

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